Steinhaus Rewritten - Vernissage July 12th 

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Audio sample - Steinhaus Interviews

Stein Rewritten - stories, rumors, reactions

work in progress

Günther Domenig’s Steinhaus has a personality that is perceived differently by each individual. Whether it evokes fascination, disturbance or indifference. Reactions and feelings are present at all times, influencing our perception. Getting involved with these feelings apart from any institution causes irritation. Similar to the inkblots of the Rorschach test, the house acts as a visual and emotional trigger that reveals stories within us - partly memory, partly fiction. The Rorschach test was a psychological experiment widely used in the 1960s, with which the subjects’ reactions to inkblots where analyzed, in order to get a grasp on their thinking processes.

The project “Steinhaus Rewritten” makes use of the process and principle of this psychological

experiment. The starting point will be to undergo such a test in order to find methods of notation to capture the emotional response to the environment within and surrounding the Steinhaus. In order to ensure a wide range of results participants from various fields will take part in the test (“inkblot exercises”). After the notation process, in other words the scoring, individual perceptions and collected stories will be exchanged to evaluate them collectively. 

“Scores are ways of symbolizing reality – of communicating experience through devices other than the experience itself. The score of a musical event is not itself music any more than the plan and the elevation of a building are the building. But the one predates the other and in our complex society is required by the other. First comes the score and then the performance. But they are inextricably interrelated.” (Lawrence Halprin – RSVP Cycles)

This procedure provides a basis for a common path and narrative that leaves room for individual work as well as collaborations. We become like archeologists and poets at once, seeking for evidences of long gone arguments and stories, shaping and constructing them into the present as artists. The collective SeMF undertakes the task to guide a dialogue between the Steinhaus, its environment and its visitors. The stories and sensitivities are captured onto various materials and media. In that way the impact on the social surrounding is uncovered and illustrated. The resulting work will be brought together in an exhibition on site as a physical representation of the psychological response- writing architecture like fiction and telling OUR story.

Mapping Steinhaus

3D Scanning steinhaus

Steinhaus in the flesh

Introducing Neonrost

Introducing Neonrost Rinderhalle Wien Mapping auf Sulen