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Steinhaus in the flesh

Introducing Neonrost

Introducing Neonrost Rinderhalle Wien Mapping auf Sulen

Drawings of Steinhaus

The Stone House

"More than twenty years ago, Günther Domenig began to build a house for himself on a narrow sliver of lakeside property in the mountains of Carinthia, Austria. He conceived it as a work of architecture limited only by his imagination and skill, at once a manifesto and an experiment, the outcome of which he could not be sure of at the beginning. The structure grew year by year, piece by piece, following an ever-evolving set of sketches and technical drawings, and was financed from his own architectural practice in Graz. When he had a little extra money, he put it into the construction. While the building is called a house, it was never intended as a residence. In fact, Domenig, when he lived at the site over the years, stayed in a small, box-like metal trailer away from the house, not wanting, perhaps, to confuse its purposes. It’s sole purpose was to be architecture."

Lebbeus Woods, “Stonehouse

Sensing Steinhaus - Mapping Workshop

A workshop organised by SeMF, an architectural & art collective, intended for architects and visual artists who consider studying built space as inspiration for reinventing and enhancing its intrinsic qualities.

The program of the workshop consists of an intense exploration of Günther Domenig’s Steinhaus situated at a beautiful lake - Ossiachersee in Carinthia, Austria. A seminal piece of work within the landscape of Austrian architecture, the Steinhaus will be analysed for its visible and hidden properties. Through the use of various mapping strategies these properties can be isolated and will be implemented as a temporary installation.  

Mapping is a visual representation of collected data that is dynamic and 3-dimensional. The members of SeMF and Clemens Preisinger (developer for Karamba) along with soma rchitects and Christian Halm will teach strategies to register visual information, digitizing & 3d-scanning and manipulate different software tools. Raffael Miribung of VJ collective Neonrost will be conducting tutorials on projection and architectural projection mapping techniques.

Digital modelling tools:

  • rhino

  • grasshopper

  • karamba

  • firefly → kinect

  • 123D catch

Projection mapping tools:

  • madmapper & resolume (video mapping software)

  • Quartz Composer/Max Jitter/Syphon/Processing (video mapping bridging software)

Each participant will investigate certain spatial aspects using methods of mapping. In a series of tutorials on various techniques, strategies will be developed to translate and structure the collected information into a unified spatial concept. Participants will work amongst groups to propose the result of their investigations with a site specific installation which will be digitally materialized on site. Projections will be used to transform and dissolve the appearence of the house.

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Complementary program:

Receiving applications now: Registration form

250€ early bird registration (until June 14th) | 300€ (until June 28) | 200€pp (groups of 3 or more) inclusive of 4 night stay at gasthaus with halbpension | breakfast and dinner included (camping options will be cheaper)

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Project: The Green Lung, Helsinki Central Library, Competition 2012

Team: Sergio Gonzalez, Luis Muniz, Stephan Sobl, Giacomo Tinari